I Want People To Know I'm Different.

The Sunday school classroom Dylan and I got to teach on this morning. #lovinglikeJesusdoes #openvessel

Let’s be real. I just want a guy that loves God. He loves God more than he loves anything in the world. I want a guy that won’t let me play dumb around him. I want someone that is going to love me for being crazy and outgoing and unashamed. I want a guy in the military. One who will protect me. I want a guy that is taller than me. One who will tell me to take care of myself. I know it sounds demanding, but that is what I want and I don’t feel like settling anymore. 

I just want a gentleman.

So sweet!

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Disney movies; preparing us for adult life since almost forever.

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I miss my brother.


Rainbow Caviar Manicure Set by Ciate


Can we all just post this picture forever?

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i-is this real life…

I don’t even know how to feel after that..


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